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4-Point Construction has been in the construction business for approximately 40 years in Oregon and Washington. Our goal is to deliver to you the highest quality structure for the amount of dollars invested. We take pride in our finished buildings and will furnish references to you upon request. The construction business is a fast changing industry with new product and systems being developed. At 4-Point Construction, we are continually reviewing products and systems for our customers, assuring you that we will utilize the latest in technology if it is to your advantage.

Your Team’s Building Manufacturer:

Quality in every phase of the process is a staple of our projects, and the quality of the building itself is of highest importance. At 4-Point we have partnered with Nucor Building Systems to provide the highest quality product, from one of the most environmentally conscious building manufacturers available. Nucor prides itself on producing American made buildings that are not only high quality, but that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They have an expert team of engineers ready to provide buildings to meet any need.

Large Steel-Framed Building

Benefits Of Steel

We use all steel components in all of our construction projects because steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any type of building material. It allows for consistent material quality as it is produced in strict accordance with national standards. Steel provides for simplified foundation construction, straight walls, square corners, and doors that open and close properly. Some other advantages of steel construction include:

• Fire Resistant
• Less Waste Production
• 100 Percent Recyclable
• Easy to Dissemble for Repairs and Alterations
• Slower Aging Process
• Enhanced Resale Value